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About Victoria...

Victoria grew up on a remote farm in Ontario, Canada.  After graduating from the University of Toronto, her passion for storytelling led her to write and direct a short film for the CBC.  When her next film was completed (The Pony’s Tale which aired on Global Television) she eagerly, and perhaps rashly, set off to Los Angeles.

The famous independent film producer, Roger Corman, mentored Victoria and gave her the opportunity to write and direct her first feature film, Circuit Breaker for Showtime starring Richard Grieco and Corben Bernsen. 

This was soon followed by Macon County Jail with David Carradine and Ally Sheedy, and Cry of the White Wolf for the Disney Channel.  Next Victoria directed Teen Scorcery, a fun story about mischievous teenage witches that was shot in Romania

The Girl Who Could Fly began as a screenplay that was optioned by Paramount Pictures.  Victoria loved the story so much she decided to write it as a book as well. It is her very first book but she looks forward to the opportunity of writing many, many more.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, newborn daughter and ridiculously orange cat, Rufus.


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